To Be Joyful

Time is fleeting; it passes us by quickly. It does not wait for anything or anyone. Time is constant, unbiased, and limited. Time is our most valuable and overlooked asset.

We spend so much time consumed in work, goals and achievement, that we often forget that time has limits. We are only given so much time to enjoy life, to make our mark, to ‘be joyful and happy just being alive...’- X Ambassadors. 

I find myself listening to X Ambassadors' hit, Joyful, almost daily. While I am a huge fan of this band, this song is more than just a great melody. For me, it’s a life mantra; a daily reminder to see the good in life. It’s a call to action. A reminder to take off the blinders and truly see all that I am, all that I have, all the good that surrounds me in my life. It’s my daily reminder to be joyful...

Truth is, being joyful, both mind and body, takes more than a smile. Living joyfully is a mindset and a practice.


Living joyfully takes daily effort, concentration, and commitment.



Here are actionable steps to create your own joyful lifestyle:


Appreciate the little things

Challenge yourself to make life more than just a series of destinations. Instead of solely focusing on the end goal, appreciate each step along the way. It’s how you get to where you want to go that truly matters, so enjoy the journey, and the experiences and people you meet along the way. It’s in the little things that we realize our truest qualities; our inner likes and desires, our motivations and our fears. Nothing is too small to appreciate. Focus on the smiles, the laughter, the moments of connection that have shaped you. In these small moments, joy is present.

Slow down

Take your foot off the gas! Sometimes it’s important to slow down, and place your high-speed routine on hold. Take a break. When you slow down and actually take time to enjoy what you are doing, to savor the experience before you, you will in turn feel happier, more fulfilled, and more joyful. Memories are important. It’s the lunch dates with friends, kid’s soccer games, family excursions, dinner table discussions--- these are the things you must savor. These are life's precious experiences that create memories that bring lasting joy. You must slow down and give yourself time to make them…

Be present in all that you do

Life unfolds in the present, so we must focus on the here and now, not the past or future.  Living in the moment means being open and intentional about focusing on what is happening now,  instead of being lost in thought. If you wake up in the morning and take a run, be present in observing the morning dew, the sun breaking through the sky, the sweat on your skin… these are the things we must strive to acknowledge. While seemingly insignificant, being able to run, to feel the morning air, to perspire-- these are things that signify health and liveliness. Instead of letting your life go by without living it, you must awaken to experience. Strive to relish in whatever you're doing at the present moment. Be present; by doing this, you are teaching yourself to find joy…

Celebrate success

Success is fleeting. It usually surprises us, and before we can fully process it, or enjoy it, it's lost in the pursuit of follow-up goals. Success is frequently unacknowledged and unfelt. Instead, we must commit to celebrating our successes and the effort and determination that was contributed.  For example, when a team wins a championship, or a baby is born, or a promotion is rewarded—these are the big life milestones, the huge successes, that must be celebrated. But in addition to the big milestones, remember to celebrate finding a great bargain at the store, or an unplanned meal that blends together magically, or even a spontaneous connection with a friend that would not have happened without weeks of scheduling. Small wins must also be celebrated. It’s in these moments of triumph that our effort is recognized and rewarded. We find peace and joy in who we are, and all that we have to offer.

Find one thing to be grateful for

Pause and reflect on all that you have in life. Good health, family, friends, employment, dreams, goals and aspirations; these are life’s true blessings. So often we overlook the good in life in pursuit of more. Challenge yourself to name (out loud) one thing that you are truly grateful for daily. This could be as simple as a great cup of coffee on your walk to work. Being aware of all that you have can lift your spirit and help you to more fully appreciate the joys that surround you.


Just like anything in life, you must start. A joyful mindset takes commitment and belief that it’s worth it; that living with joy is something you want. Only you control the joy in your life. You control your thoughts and actions, and if willing and disciplined, you have the power to direct yourself towards joy...


The best motivation is joy itself. Find your joy.

Listen to X Ambassador’s hit Joyful for instant inspiration.





Positive Practice

  • Set 3 intentions daily to  live more joyfully. For example, call an old friend or set time aside to play in the park with your kids after school. Be intentional about making time to do things that make you happy, that build you up and help you maintain what’s most important in life: relationships.
  • Be present and positive. The way you act, and the things you say can greatly impact others. Start by saying positive, encouraging things to your kids and partner daily, and then try it with your colleagues at work. In time, you’ll see the power struggles dissipate and your home and workplace will be happier, more joyful places. Commit to spreading joy…
  • Find your song. Your daily joy inspiration...