Passion for our work. Empathy for those suffering.

Excellence in clinical training.

Our team at Wellman Psychology & Associates offers each client a unique, supportive, and collaborative therapeutic relationship. As partners, we collaborate with clients in building the insight, confidence, behaviors, and outlook necessary to access one’s inherent potential and life goals. Through our lens, struggle is an opportunity for changegrowth, and new direction.

An active, integrative approach is used with every client, whereby the needs and voice of the client is our upmost priority. Therapists offer feedback and suggestion only when appropriate or requested, encouraging a client-centered environment.

Our team is trained in multiple modalities; employing cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, and interpersonal therapies to help children, adolescents, and adults gain insight and work through various life concerns. Additionally, we offer modern and efficient neuropsychological and psychological assessments to provide clients with the clarity and accommodations they require. 

We strongly believe in the importance of using methods that work best for you as our client.