Finding Strength Within

Challenge in life is inevitable. It is part of living, learning, and growing.

Sometimes challenge creeps into our lives when we least expect it, like a sudden accident, job loss, relationship break, or family sickness. Other times, challenge mounts slowly, allowing us time to prepare, which can be equally helpful and harmful.

Yet, no matter how challenge presents itself, we deal with it. Our inner strength is called upon to lift us up, clear our mind and heart, and provide strength and courage to seek solution.

Inner strength is the core strength of our being. It feeds and empowers our mental and physical strength daily. It guides our thoughts, actions, and emotions, and gives us the power to handle adversity and rebound stronger.    

Consequently, it is important that we regularly pay attention to our inner strength, and work to cultivate it, and nurture it, on a daily basis.

Just like you amp up your physical strength with a few key exercises, the same can be done to your soul.


Exercise 1: Say hello to you within

How often do you stop and think about who you are as a person? Get to know yourself, your quirks and most unique assets? Our attention is usually directed elsewhere, calibrating work, errands, family, and finances. Truth is, we rarely take time to get to know ourselves. Yet, personal awareness is the foundation of happiness, energy, and success.

In order to perform optimally, you have to truly know you. What makes you happy, sad, angry, motivated? Where do you get your energy from, and what helps you refocus when things begin to swirl? To be at your best daily, you must know all these things about yourself. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, and the more in tune you are with your inner desires and needs, the less chance for external pressures, anxieties, and troubles to find their way in.


Exercise 2: Design and commit to healthy routine

Much of our day is spent wasted on mundane tasks and repetitive thoughts that drain our energy and sense of fulfillment. Instead, we must find a routine that builds our inner strength, not depletes it. It is important to set a routine that allows you to be successful and productive everyday. A healthy routine includes time for eating, exercising, personal care, and the ‘draining things’ like: emails, sudden errands, missed calls, and chores. Yet, the key here is time limits. Set a few hours of your day to complete the monotonous tasks that drive you crazy, and when time’s up, allow yourself to move on to the things that build your energy, happiness, and sense of accomplishment. If you focus only on what you can control, and shed the guilt of the uncontrollable(s), your time and energy will be spent on 'small wins'; the good things in life. Assigning limits helps you to open up brain space and energy to focus on what you can control in life, further empowering your inner strength.


Exercise 3: Pause for silence

Much can be gained when every day noise halts, and quiet takes over. Silence is an opportunity to think, reflect, and create. Life can be hectic, and distractions can chip away at our strength and ability to rebound. Consequently, silence is necessary to rejuvenate and find calm and focus for what lies ahead. It is important to set aside at least one day a month for silence. You may take a long walk or hike, or spend the morning stretching or doing yoga. Activities like these can help you find your inner calm, and rebuild your strength.



It is important to surround yourself with people who build you up, who celebrate your successes, and feed you with positive energy and support. People like this, tend to be in tune with their inner strength, which can help you more fully fine tune yours. It is important to be cautious of people who drain your energy, and instead gravitate to those who boost you up. One bad apple can quickly deplete your strength, so guard your circle, and spend time nurturing it to ensure you give back to those who give to you. 



Whether things are going well or poorly, the stronger you are inside, the better prepared and able you’ll be to face challenge, overcome, and achieve beyond.

Start now, so when challenge comes your way, the tools and solution will emerge from within.



Positive Practice

  • Reconnect with an old friend who, at one time, built you up. It is important to keep your circle strong, ready for when you may need them or they may need you.
  • Set aside a day in your calendar for silent reflection and meditation.
  • Use a daily planner to help you set time limits, so that the day does not pass you by without accomplishing what you need to—and want to.