Give Gratitude

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to give thanks. To reflect on all that we have, all we are capable of, all the love that surrounds us.

What’s ironic about gratitude is that we all crave it; gratitude is empowering. Everyone likes being recognized, praised, and appreciated. Yet, giving gratitude— well many times, we forget to.

This Thanksgiving, give gratitude.

Thanksgiving brings families, relatives, close friends and neighbors together. It is the perfect time to give gratitude to those who build you up.

1. Find a relative that you don’t usually talk to. Maybe this person is someone who you don’t quite connect with. Spend time learning about them. Fully listen to what they have to say.

2. Give a long, intimate hug to someone who constantly supports you.

3. Offer a hand during Thanksgiving dinner clean up.

4. Find a young one and compliment them on a skill, accomplishment, or talent they have.

5. Invite a family member or friend to do something with you that they have never done before. And keep your word.  

6. When dinner table conversation gets heated (holidays spur the most political conversations!) instead of getting defensive, thank the opposition for introducing a new way of thinking about something.

7. Bake or cook something to contribute to the meal.

8. Openly highlight major accomplishments of the year. Make others feel recognized.


Remember, the little things make a big difference.

Give gratitude this holiday.