Spread Thin

Spread too thin?

Life has an undeniable capacity to stretch our limits. As we each strive to apply our skills, fulfill our passions, and live up to expectations, we sometimes face our own limits: energy limits, time limits, resource limits, even confidence limits.

This can feel uncomfortable and weak. In these moments, it’s easy to lose direction and vigor for life and achievement.

 It becomes hard to concentrate as the “down in the dump” feeling becomes a new norm. Things that used to bring energy and happiness begin to feel like chores, and the body depletes as days, tasks, relationships all seemingly blur together.

In essence, when overrun, you begin to lose yourself…

If this rings true, you’ve reached your “thin.” And, it’s time to rebuild.  

In these moments of overwhelming thoughts, sensations, and feelings, it’s important to remember, that struggle is not a sign of defeat, but rather an opportunity to redirect and refuel.

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along. -Rae Smith

When we think we’ve hit rock-bottom, feeling spread too thin to continue, we’ve actually reached the first step in a stronger re-build. Sometimes it takes an extreme to help recognize our priorities—what brings us joy and what wears us down.

It gives us an opportunity to create or refine a vision.

For example, many of us get caught in the “more” mentality: What more can I do? What more can I have? I can be more… So, we keep adding more until we are spread so thin that we can’t continue.

Instead, we must set a vision and focus our efforts on doing things that directly align with this vision. Thus, trimming back all the extra activities, appointments, relationships that deplete energy and distract our goals.

To do so, ask yourself: What do I want to create in life? How do I want to contribute?

Once you have identified it, envision it. See the life you want to experience. And, start living it. Be diligent in committing to only what moves you toward this vision.

It gives us an opportunity to control our happiness.

Visualizing is important. But, happiness is essential.

In building your new, vision-directed routine, it’s important to add in things that bring you joy.

It could be having a cup of coffee in bed before starting your morning, going for a walk during lunch to soak in fresh air, or listening to a motivational podcast on your commute to work.

It’s all up to you. It’s in your control.

To achieve your vision, you must nurture your spirit by doing things that lift you up. This enables you to take inspired action to continue to steer your life on the path you’ve envisioned.


Time is too valuable to waste on things that deplete you, and spread you thin. We each have an important mark to make on this life; an important contribution to give back to the world.

 Don’t let the urge to “do more” distract you from the life you’ve imagined. Start living it.