Grief is a very difficult thing to navigate. There are many layers and levels to it, as well as many ways in which people choose to deal with it. While grieving can be caused by an array of circumstances (death, job loss, relocation, divorce, etc.), grieving can also be a healthy way to process the feelings that one experiences when dealing with a loss.

There are typically 5 levels to the grieving process:

Denial - when one has not fully accepted the event that has caused grief

Anger - when one has a negative/subjective reaction to the event

Bargaining - To barter with one’s higher power/self to make the cause of grief go away (e.g., “…….if you just ___________, I PROMISE I will _______________)

Depression - An intense sadness brought on by the grieving process

Acceptance - Acknowledging that the event causing the grief is going to (or has) happened.

Grieving has no set time, place, and it does not occur in any particular manner; with each individual being exactly that, there is an individual way for a person to cope with their grief, and no one way is better than the next.