Grief and loss are grave challenges faced in life. In a moments time, life can change by a sudden loss of a loved one or the severance of a once strong relationship. Grief can also surface through various life challenges like job loss, relocation, or sickness. Inevitable and unpreventable, grief has many layers and levels, and many ways in which one chooses to deal with it.

Grief evolves through five common stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each stage is distinctively challenging, causing intense emotional and psychical reaction. While loss is understood as a natural part of life, as humans, we still can be overcome by shock, confusion, and hurt, consequently leading to prolonged sadness or depression.

Grieving is an important process to overcome these feelings and embrace the good in what was lost. It has no set time or place, and it does not occur in any particular manner; we all cope differently.

We can support you as you grieve and help you find comfort in moving forward.