Wellman Psychology & Associates S.C. provides THERAPY and NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT for children, adolescents, and adults. Passion for my work, empathy for those suffering, and excellence in clinical training allow me to provide effective, lasting results. Most importantly, connecting (relationship) and going the extra mile to make sure that you are successful at overcoming challenges helps obtain consistent affect.

I use an integrative approach, employing cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and interpersonal therapies to help adolescents and adults gain insight and work through varied life concerns, and to help children and families work through their CHALLENGES. I have extensive knowledge in various THERAPY SPECIALTIES. I see the strengths and challenges in all struggles and prefer you choose to walk through these without the addition of feeling lonely.  While I do see struggle as opportunities for change and personal growth, I also mean to help you lessen and cope with pain until it fades away. With an experientially based background in psychotherapy treatment, I have not only seen the efficacy of my treatment but I have become well aware of the importance in using methods that work for you.

My goal is to always collaborate with you in building the insight, confidence, behaviors, and outlook necessary to access your inherent potential and life goals. I use an active approach, offering feedback, and suggestions when I feel it is appropriate or at your request. 

With every client, a unique relationship develops. Within the context of this therapeutic relationship evolves an understanding of what is meaningful for personalized growth. My practice emphasizes working with you as a individual wherever you are in life's journey.