Now Offering: Womens Support Group

Wellman Psychology & Associates is pleased to offer a new support group for women interested in exploring self-care, work-life balance, and healthy living. 

While the constant ‘superwoman’ act may appear effortless to outsiders, behind the scenes, the grind to ‘do it all’  and 'have it all' can cause stress, exhaustion, guilt, and burnout.

The focus of this group is to create a safe and open space where women can share their struggles and experiences, and gain support and insight on how to lead a healthy, more satisfying life. Coping mechanisms and tactics will be discussed to stay in control of busy schedules, while still setting aside personal time for self-care and career acceleration. Together, we will strive towards personal balance and fulfillment.


When: Every Tuesday from 8pm-9:30pm; Starting June 19th

Where: Wellman Psychology & Associates, 3660 N Lakeshore Dr. Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60613

Facilitated By: Nawal Alomari, LPC, & Daniela Petrova, LPC




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