Dr. Patrick Szafran

Everyone deserves to experience joy & fulfillment in life & relationships, including you! At the foundation of my approach is a strong connection between two people that is based on mutual safety, trust, & genuine care. Within this relationship, I am my authentic self by bringing my warmth, dedication, quirky personality & occasional clumsiness that often puts folks at ease & enables them to more compassionately understand their true selves, strengths & imperfections in all. Through this process of self-exploration, people I work with learn to more honestly attend to & express their emotions, which leads to greater self-acceptance & consequently freedom from self-doubt & low self-esteem. 

While I may be an expert of human behavior & therapy technique, you are the expert of your own experiences & what works best for you. So, we will work collaboratively to explore the sources of your difficulties & identify evidence-based solutions that are tailor made to resolve your unique emotional wounds & any unhealthy patterns. These approaches may include but are not limited to: mindfulness-based therapy, interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, & psychodynamic therapy. Recognizing that traditional talk therapies may be unfamiliar to you, I will also utilize creative mediums, including art, music, movement/sport, & play, to help you express your inner experiences. 

I am equally adept at working with children, teens, & adults, especially those who are experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, gender/sexuality issues, and/or developmental conditions including autism. I offer individual, family, & group therapy, including groups for tween & teenage boys with social-related difficulties. I also conduct neuropsychological assessment, including diagnostic testing for autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, & related developmental concerns across the lifespan.

773-683-1731 ext. 709