President of Wellman Psychology & Associates

Practicing Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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James D. Wellman, Psy.D


Years in Practice: Practicing for 5 Years Post Education

Years of Experience: Practicing in the Mental Health Field for 17 Years

School: Illinois School of Professional Psychology

Year Graduated: 2009

License No. and State: 071.0084214 Illinois



  • The most important aspect of beginning the process of therapy is Comfort/Safety and a space that is created with your needs in mind.  
  • Keep in mind that not every psychologist is a good match for you so you might want to select more than one and compare how you feel while you are with them. 
  • By being truly honest and providing Life – Enhancement treatments that have high Research Supported Efficacy rates for individuals distressed by personal and familial challenges, trust develops, and behavioral changes manifest.
  • Being truly honest requires your therapist to know thyself well; They should work hard to stay with you and where you are at in the process.
  • A good therapist should have a grasp on what is generally necessary to help you advance, but be flexible enough to communicate it in a way that is effective for you. In other words, they need to be creative.
  • While commitment consistency is important -- inflexibility or adherence to one type of treatment approach for the sake of  saying "they" are Freudian or Behavioral should alarm you to their own box. This is not bad but people are complex - one approach is dated (in my opinion).
  • As the relationship develops, it should feel productive; you should feel free to share your areas of success and challenges, and, with insight (self, family, and culture), you will enjoy the freedom of choice and EMPOWERMENT