Dr. Gurpreet Paul, Psy.D

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Clients who come to me tend to experience a profound metamorphosis into becoming the person they want to be by creating a relationship that facilitates empowerment, finding true self, and living their ideal life. I describe my therapeutic relationships as genuine, collaborative, and unconditional in which I am my empathic and authentic self. I have found this relationship is key in allowing clients to find the unique answers and solutions to their problems. I notice my clients have internal wisdom and resources and often find relief quickly when given an environment that encourages them to tap into these internal strengths. 

I have a considerable amount of experience working with depression, anxiety, and those feeling blocked in life. I also have significant experience working with addiction, trauma, self-harm, bereavement, and eating disorders. With compassion and empathy, I feel both honored and rewarded to be a part of my client's healing journey.

I use an integrative approach towards treatment and empowerment in two ways: reducing symptoms with proven therapeutic techniques for the short-term and facilitating deep healing through approaches proven to resolve wounds and troublesome patterns. These approaches include, but are not limited to: interpersonal therapies, mindfulness-based therapies, experiential therapies,and active collaboration.

With each client, a new journey begins; with each new journey, a transformation.

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