Licensed clinical Professional Counselor

Daniela Petrova

Petrova BW.jpg

It is my belief that you can't help how you feel, but you can help what you do about it. By enhancing your state of mind, and investing in a better relationship with yourself you can make a lasting improvement in your life. 

Through the development of a professional, safe, empathic and fulfilling relationship with my clients I am able to provide exceptional counseling services to adults, children, teens & their families dealing with a variety of issues including grieving, infertility issues, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, self-esteem, ADHD & others. A relationship that focuses on facilitating growth and introspection, by incorporating individualized treatment techniques and client input. I have a particular interest in helping clients with interpersonal relationships, through honing social skills, understanding and addressing bullying, understanding and managing family dynamics & navigating peer to peer relationships from friends to teammates to romantic interests. 

People are social animals, however, at times we struggle with navigating the complex world of human social interactions. It is my goal to help you look within, therefore helping you to develop a better relationship with yourself. It is my belief that knowing yourself, being able to identify your needs and practicing adequate self-care are the first steps towards wellness.
Through the therapeutic process my clients experience the development of positive relationships with themselves, their friends and loved ones, and therefore are able to face challenges in a safer, more productive manner.

I don't strictly adhere to one therapeutic approach because one size does not fit all. I try to see things from the client’s perspective and tailor the therapeutic approach based on the individual needs of the client and the results that they desire to achieve. This way my counseling remains dynamic and relevant to the client's needs from session to session.